Happy Friday the 13th!

I've neglected this blog for quite a while.

My bad.

I've been busy and today... on Friday the 13th, I'm thrilled to have another of my stories featured in the District of Wonders at Tales to Terrify.


I'm working on getting supper right now but I'll be back later tonight to share some more.

In the meantime, check out Tales to Terrify - Episode 88!  It features my horror story entitled...


Stop by and visit Hell's Consignment House.  ;-)

The poem by Robert Payne Cabeen is incredible.  And the host, Lawrence Santoro is excellent, as always.

Thanks to Larry and Cher Eaves.

And thanks also to by James Phillips and Veronica Giguere for their excellent narration!


Catching up a bit

I will try to get back here soon and update.  There have been a LOT of events in my personal life this year.  Nothing good, basically.

But I have had some success in my writing.

I have another website in addition to this one.  It is the place where you can find links to purchase all my latest publications... and it also has a little bit of news there.

Hop on over and check it out....

And I'll try to get back HERE soon.


Coming to Tales to Terrify!

Mark your calendars!

Phone your pets!

Tell your neighbors!

Start spreading the news!

On February 1, 2013, my story will be included in...

The District of Wonders!

Specifically...  Sensory Desolation
will premiere on the 2/1/13 podcast of... 


I have had correspondence with the narrator and I'm a big fan of his previous work.  Originally, I thought this story would appear at Crime City Central but instead, it will be part of Tales to Terrify!

I'm really excited and eager to hear the broadcast next week!

That's What My Fingereyes Are Seeing Now.


Coming Soon: I will be in the Districts of Wonder!


Recently, I had the great good fortune to meet Cher Eaves, one of the managers in the District of Wonders.  I call her a 'manager' but that hardly describes what this amazing woman does.  She helps put together the podcasts for both Tales to Terrify and Crime City Central.

Additionally, the District of Wonders includes StarShipSofa and Protecting Project Pulp.

I am thrilled to announce that I will have a couple of my stories included in future podcasts of Tales to Terrify... and I'll also have Sensory Desolation appear in Crime City Central!

Stay tuned here for more details.

And check out the District of Wonders ==>!  These podcasts are simply extraordinary.  I am now a huge fan of Tales to Terrify (and also a huge fan now of the work of Martin Mundt.)

That's What My Fingereyes Are Seeing Now!


A 'Techno-Dream' for Indiana Science Fiction 2012

My poem was published in this anthology which features Indiana-based authors...


My poem is entitled 'Techno-Dream'; it's about falling in love with an android.

I am incorrectly listed in the book as "William Mark O'Neal" but I forgive that error.  My middle name-- Markly-- is fairly unusual.

Proceeds from this book will go to the Indianapolis chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), so check it out!

As always, thank you for your support!


The Black and Blue Wasteland now in Cover of Darkness!

My short horror story...

                     The Black and Blue Wasteland

... has been published in the latest issue of Cover of Darkness from Sam's Dot Publishing.

This is issue #13.


Available for purchase here ==>

I'm playing catch-up here on this blog... obviously.  I haven't posted in quite a while.

A couple more announcements forthcoming....


I'm a Liar

I had said I wasn't going to create another blog.  Too many irons in the fire... too many things on my plate... too many syllables to blend... and too little time...

I lied.

Actually, at the time I said it, I meant it.  But then Mitt Romney started ticking like a time bomb and I couldn't help myself.

I try to operate on the premise of "everything in its proper place."  I conceived this blog to be about my writing-- successes and failures.  It's also become a bit of a personal blog.  And yeah, in the past, I've done a little political raving here too.

Well, as of now, the political stuff goes away.  This blog will be about my efforts to publish and promote my fiction

As for the political blog... if you are interested in hearing my sarcastic ravings, here is the link to it--->

As for my writing... I received a rejection letter this week for one of my stories.  I need to tweak it a bit more before I sent it out someplace else.

On September 21st, the Great Stephen King's birthday, I sent out a couple stories to publishers for consideration.  I have a very short story I wrote last year I haven't marketed much.  Originally, I called it From An Unknown Author's Handwritten Journal.  Not the best title, right? 

I tweaked the story a little bit, changed the original title into the sub-title, and retitled it: Zombie Hounds From Hell.

Certainly, Zombie Hounds from Hell is more evocative than From An Unknown Author's Handwritten Journal, right?  :-)

I am still working on writing a synopsis for Cold Dead Love.  I'm nearly done with it.

Funny the way certain things turn out... I started writing Cold Dead Love last November (2011) and finished it right at the end of July.  The time frame that the book is set in?  September and October.   So right now, the time of year we are currently in... that's the season the book is set it.  The current change of the weather has me wanting to tweak Cold Dead Love just a tad more to enter in a few more details about the climate and the effect that has on my protagonist.

But I'm nearly done with that book.  And when it is completely done, I'm going to approach a literary agent or two.  I think Cold Dead Love will be the first full book I see published.  (::: crossing fingereyes:::)

So that's it for today.  If you like political commentary/sarcasm/satire, click on over to my new blog.  Once again, here's that link ==>

I'll also make efforts to update this blog more often... but, you know... said that before.

That's What My Fingereyes Are Seeing Now.


Numerous Updates

I have fallen behind on a couple major bills: property taxes.  I have been frantically trying to find employment for several weeks.

I have finally found work!!  I'm back amongst the Employed!!!

Whoohoo!   :-)

The new job won't put an immediate end to my stress or worries but it is the Beginning of the End of my troubles, I do believe.  It's been quite a while since I've had any good news... but this definitely qualifies!

Meanwhile, I am slowly developing an 'audience' for my writing.  I am extremely grateful to all of you who have supported me in my endeavors!

To date, my anthology of Thirteen Tales of Terror-- FISHING in BRAINS for an EYE with TEETH-- has only received dribbles of sales... but dribbles are better than nothing!  And those people who have talked to me about the book-- and those who have reviewed it-- all have said very kind things about it.

When I was on Facebook last night and announced I am employed again, many people congratulated me and several people were saying they are eager for more of my writing.  That is very gratifying.

As I mentioned there yesterday... writing is such a lonely process.  I live with characters and their lives in my head for weeks, sometimes many months, and it's very hard at times not to tell my few friends, "Hey!  Guess what cool thing happened today in these (fictitious) people's lives?"  But I know I can not give anything away without ruining the whole story.  So I zip up my mouth; bite my tongue; and wait until the entire tale is complete.  And then when I do finish a story and actually have people read it, the craving for feedback is almost like being rabid.

I enjoy hearing which of the 13 stories in my anthology that people like best.  I had my own favorites and my own opinion about which of the stories was the weakest... and my opinion has totally changed because of all the great comments I've received back by readers.

F. Scott summed up it up best, I think...


So in answer to those 'fans' who are actually eager to read more of my stuff... I am considering self-publishing something else... but it's going to be a weeks or a few months before I can get around to doing it.   I can't really make up my mind what I do want to release on the world next.  I could tweak and publish my super hero romance novella: "Where the World Ends," but I'm also considering compiling another anthology--- this time an anthology of my dark comedies and humorous stories.  The tentative title I have in mind for that is: "Die Laughing," or something similar.

For now, however, I am continuing to work on "Cold Dead Love."  My friend Ruth is going to do a final edit soon (probably the first of next week) but I have to finish my synopsis first.  The last couple weeks, I've been highly distracted by personal events-- including the job search-- and I haven't gotten much done on the synopsis.  It's a real challenge boiling down a 135,000-word novel into just a few pages!

I have very high hopes for "Cold Dead Love."  I think it's a tight story.  I'm proud of the way it turned out.  It has a couple moments in it that take an old, old convention and twist in a new and (hopefully) surprising way.   Once the synopsis and final edit is done, I'm going to try to snag a literary agent but I have no clue whether I will be successful or not.

On Facebook, I follow Stephen King, Anne Rice, Carrie Vaughn, Clive Barker, and numerous other authors, editors, and publishers.  Anne Rice posted something just today about the changing nature of publishing (not written by her-- she provided a link to the story elsewhere on the Net).  The article talked about how literary agents are almost a dying breed because of how radically things are changing due to self-publishing technology.

The article also talked about 'Why Writers Write.'  Some have dreams of fame and fortune.  I can't honestly say I'm immune to such fantasies.  I would love to write a best-seller.  An even bigger thrill would be to see my work turned into a screenplay and produced as a motion picture.

But as for me... I can't not write.  A compulsion, an obsession, a life-long dream... I'm not sure the best way to label it.  I can tell you I tried to first write a book when I was in the third grade.  That's how long I've had this 'fever'-- basically all my life.   I wrote a book about a teenage murderer and his telepathic girlfriend when I was a teenager.  I've always written one thing or another.  I don't know if I have a talent for it or not.  Others can judge that.  But I do feel as if I'm evolving.  I'm learning.  I'm slowly getting better.

I won't use the word "perfect" as in "Practice Makes Perfect" but I can say that for certain, "Constant Practice Means Constant Improvement."

I don't know what will happen when I go looking for a literary agent but I'm not going to self-publish "Cold Dead Love".  I am praying it will sell the 'old-fashioned way.'

When "Bob Bodey's Body Parts" sold to Weird Tales magazine, that was one of the most exciting days of my pathetic life.  ;-)   But I still dream of seeing my first book sale.

I'm like James T Kirk in that I do prefer actual books with pages and bindings-- over the electronic stuff.  I own a Kindle and I'm not saying they aren't cool.  They are.  But I really like books.  My house is filled with books!

I dream of walking into a book store (if any still exist in the future) or into a library and finding a book on the shelf with my name on it.

I mentioned previously I will have a poem published in an anthology of science fiction by Indiana authors.  That anthology is still seeking submissions and has been delayed.  So I don't know when that will come to fruition.  I'll update here when I do know it's release date.

I have also been working with an indy publisher for four years+ on a project I've mentioned here before: Salacious Tales.  I've been in contact with that publisher this week and I think he's going to be moving on that anthology soon.  It will include some magnificent artwork from Aleksandar Ziljak, the Croatian man who did the cover for me for "FISHING in BRAINS for an EYE with TEETH."  I'm very eager for Salacious Tales to see print.  That publisher has hinted it will be a very good payday (via royalties) and the extra cash would be welcome. 

In other 'news'... if you like scary images-- or if you are an author yourself-- join me on my Facebook page.  I routinely post a mix there of macabre stuff and also tips and inspirations for writers.  Again, that page is here ===>

My twittering is @WilliamMarklyON.

Tomorrow... or Sunday at the latest... I intend to produce a little preview of FISHING in BRAINS for an EYE with TEETH.  If you haven't read my anthology yet, you'll be able to check out a teaser for it very soon-- an excerpt from "Bob Bodey's Body Parts."

I've just started watching Boss on Starz with Kelsey Grammer.  It's an awesome show but the directing is absolutely terrible.  I get really sick of "reality TV" camera-work.  In still scenes where the characters are just sitting and having a conversation, instead the camera remaining still, the camera-shots jerk and jitter and whip all over the place needlessly and generally just are so distracting, it calls attention to the camera-work and ruins the experience for me.  I loathe this trend amongst modern directors!!!  I want to immerse myself in the story... not get freaking vertigo watching what should be still shots!  It's like having the point of view of someone with Parkinson's disease!  But I'm sticking with Boss because the writing and acting are so awesome.

I also recently watched all the first season of Magic City on Starz.  Another excellent show.

I'm behind on True Blood but will catch up soon.  I'm very eager for the new season of Dexter to start.  Ditto Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead.

Finally, at one point here on this blog, I promised (or threatened, depending on your political bent) to create a second blog devoted to politics called "A Liberal In Indiana."  I post a lot of political stuff on my personal Facebook page (not on the author page with the link above-- just on my personal FB page)... and I have sadly discovered that I can't offer any dissenting views on my conservative friends' FB pages without being personally attacked.  There are a few individuals that never respond to the topic of discussion or the points I make; they just hop into the thread solely to insult or denigrate me.  Part of the reason I was considering a political blog was specifically because of that: because of the incessant personal attacks.    As our President said lately, "There is wisdom on both sides."  Democrats aren't always right; Republicans aren't either.  I believe wholeheartedly in compromise.  I believe wholeheartedly that a Democracy fails without compromise (as clearly evidenced by the Debt Ceiling Debacle last summer perpetrated by the loathsome obstructionist Tea Party and the Republicans who joined the baggers in their political blackmail).  I believe that we are better TOGETHER (as a species, not only as a nation) and that a spirit of cooperation is a virtue, not the sin that Tea-baggers think it is.  Unfortunately, a growing group of Conservatives do not believe any of that.  They believe they are always correct about everything ...and liberals are always wrong about everything-- and so it's second nature for them to treat liberals with a total lack of respect.

I am a very political person and I do enjoy a good political debate.  One of my firm rules is to never make my comments about the personalities of the posters.  I try to stick to the topic being discussed.  I feel I should be accorded the same respect; at the end of the day, we're all Americans and want what is best for our country; but, again, sadly, many conservatives are (being blunt here:) obstinate, willfully ignorant bigots. 

For me, one of the very best things about Facebook is I have made a few international friends-- friends from Britain, Canada, France, Sweden, and, of course, Aleksandar in Croatia.  I especially like hearing the views of non-Americans. 

All that said, I don't think I'm going to create that second blog to discuss politics.  I've just got too many other irons in the fire, at least for right now.  I may change my mind... especially if the election in November results in a whole new crop of obstructionist assholes who think compromise is a dirty word and who put Party First and the American People Second.

We'll see... ;-)

So that's the latest updates.  A teaser preview of my anthology will follow soon!

Again: for all of you who have been so encouraging and supportive about "FISHING in BRAINS for an EYE with TEETH"-- I'm very, very grateful!

God Bless Us, Every One!

That's What My Fingereyes are Seeing Now!