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27 January 1961
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I am a writer of horror stories, dark comedies, twisted poetry, and two (as yet) unpublished horror novels.

My first published story appears in issue of Weird Tales magazine, issue #346. That story, entitled Bob Bodey's Body Parts, was also selected by Wildside Press to appear in the Prime Book paperback entitled Weird Tales: the 21st Century, Volume One (and is currently available through both Amazon.com and www.weirdtalesmagazine.com)

Additionally, Weird Tales will publish a speculative poem of mine, entitled Scream Day, in a future issue.

My dark comedy-- The Rejection Letter That Destroys the World-- was recently purchased by Ace Masters, publisher of Written Word Online Magazine and will appear there next summer. I'm currently working with a magnificent editor, Barb Caffrey, on tweaking that story.

Meanwhile, I continue to write and market a host of other stories, everything from A Demonic Love Story to a series of stories which, together, comprise tales of Vampire Evolution.

Virtually everything I've authored-- including both Bob Bodey's Body Parts and The Rejection Letter That Destroys the World-- is written in present tense.

My ultimate goal is to be a published horror novelist.